Needles Behind : James Merry / 針繡之下 : 刺繡藝術家 James Merry


(James Merry)


        在碧玉今年專輯 ”Vulnicura”中設計編織字樣的James Merry,除了在專輯中展現精彩的刺繡技巧,在今年1210日,他在紐約Opening Ceremony販售18件運動品牌的T恤,而最令人驚訝的就是他為品牌Logo繡上的圖案,用植物、花卉、以及繁花綻放的刺繡把當代運動品牌加上柔軟的藝術風格。(每件售價臺幣三萬到四萬不等)

Album Coordinator for Björk’s ninth studio LP “Vulnicura”, James Merry, besides his work on her album, he also changed trends to soprticulture with his sewing patterns.

Amazing embroidered skills on logo of brands, we can see plants, flowers, and bloom, conflicts between sport brands and soft art decoration, James really blows everybody’s mind.


         很有趣的是,一開始James並不是以藝術家的身分加入碧玉的藝術團隊,而是因為他有個朋友懷孕這個位置便是擔任碧玉的隨身助理,從此便開始了他們的合作,在” Biophilia”這張專輯中,他也為”Moon”的音樂錄影帶進行藝術指導。在最新的必癒療程裡的首支單曲”Family”中,他為碧玉設計了精美的頭飾以及在音樂錄影帶中的編織意象做動畫藝術指導。不僅在音樂錄影帶中,碧玉現場巡演的服裝頭飾設計,James當然沒有缺席。

Interesting to say, at first, James was assigned to be Björk’s assistant, and they have been work together for six years. As an assistant, artist, art director for Björk, he said that working with her full-time is an amazing place to go. In “Family” music video, he was as creative director with Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, with beautiful outfit and headpiece, Merry designs for her tours too.

Watch "Family" music video below.

        是不是沒想過刺繡也能夠為影像帶來這麼大的力量?在最新全球限量發行的”Vulnicura : Strings”現場弦樂版本專輯中,James Merry的刺繡視覺也融入包裝還有歌詞本設計。由於碧玉因為行程衝檔的緣故取消明年的巡演,並表示她已經在寫新的歌曲,只想用最自然最舒服的方式進行接下來的工作,所以臺灣歌迷想聽見現場表演以及驚人的服裝設計可能還要再等等了。

In the latest “Vulnicura : Strings” CD, James’ embroider art also features in this album and booklet design. Due to Björk canceled her tour dates, fans in Taiwan may wait a little longer to see her live performance and incredibly outfits again since 2013. But the good news is, the singer said that she’s working on writing new songs.

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