CFCF 'On Vacation'


近期被葛萊美提名的音樂家CFCF19日發行了新迷你專輯’On Vacation’,在這次新專輯中,Michael讓聽眾體驗到電子樂新的詮釋方法,而這8首新曲也與專輯名稱相當緊密,十足的度假風情,對於長期聽流行音樂的聽眾會是耳目一新的享受。

Grammy nominated musician, CFCF’s new mini LP ‘On Vacation’ has arriving with 8 tracks on Feb 19. In this new album, Michael Silver(stage name CFCF) let the listeners experience a new way in electronic music, stay in close with the title ‘On Vacation’, this album is very very relaxing for modern ears.

第一首做為專輯開頭的”State Padang”,用了大量的打擊器樂不斷重複節奏,不同於節奏性爵士Bossa Nova的詮釋方式,少了薩克斯風當作主軸改用鼓聲作為節奏主調,反而在釋放當中出現條理。

As the first track of this album, “State Padang” use blow instruments repeated the same waves, different from Bossa Nova, replace the saxophone with drum beats as  the lead of beats, while on your way home or on vacation, it is a good vibes you should be listening to.

Artist 歌手:CFCF
Genre 類型:Electronic
Release Date 發行日期:2016/02/19
Album Rating 專輯評分:9.3
Vocal Rating 歌手評分:Non Vocal included
Recommend Single 推薦單曲:Full ablum

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