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        對於熟悉電子樂的歌迷絕對對他的名字不陌生,他更是分別為fka TwigsBjörk擔任後製混音與製作,這位迷人的製作人兼歌手Arca,是今生絕對不能錯過的名字,一開始他在Soundcloud上發表自己的作品便備受關注。

He is a stranger to pop music fans, but his name is known for his work to Björk and fka Twigs. In other hand, Arca is familiar to electronic music fans. At first he uploaded his music on Soundcloud and gained his reputation immediately.

      在2012年他分別在唱片公司下發行了他的三張EP “Barón Libre”, “Stretch 1” “Stretch 2”,以下為他的首張EP “Barón Libre”

Earlier in 2012, he released three Eps of him under the label The UNO NYC, including “Barón Libre”, “Stretch 1” and “Stretch 2”.

Stretch 1 (EP)

Release Date : 2012/04/19
Rating 評分: 8.5
Genres 類型 : Electronic

Recommend Single 推薦單曲: Focus (Explicit)

Stretch 2 (EP)

Release Date : 2012/08/06
Rating 評分: 8.9
Genres 類型 : Electronic
Recommend Single
推薦單曲: 2 Blunted

    2013年他擔任肯伊威斯特第六張專輯 ”Yeezus”的共同製作人,以及為小枝女孩  fka Twigs ”EP 2”的製作人,並自己在網路上免費發行新的混音專輯 “&&&&&”,他與好朋友兼藝術家的Jesse Kanda合作專輯主視覺,而主視覺也同時受邀在MoMA PS1展出。

In 2013, Arca worked with Kayne West on his sixth studio album “Yeezus”, and produced “EP 2 ” for fka Twigs, same year, he released his first mixtape “&&&&&” for free. And the album artwork was made by Jesse Kanda, the visuals was exhibited at MoMA PS1 in Oct. 2013.

(mixtape "&&&&&")

(fka Twigs- Papi Pacify from "EP 2")

        在2014Arca擔任了fka Twigs的首張專輯”LP 1 ”的共同製作人(三首單曲),而接著在11月發行他的首張實體專輯 ”Xen”,這張專輯被音樂媒體Pitchfork評選為年度好音樂以及最新發行好音樂(得分為8.4)

He was as contribute producer on Twigs“LP 1” in 2014, including “Lights On”, ”Hours” and “Give Up”, after the former released on August, he debuted his album “Xen” in Nov., and this album was rated by Pitchfork media as Best New Music in 8.4(rating).

Xen (album)
Release Date : 2014.11.03
Rating 評分: 9.0
Genres 類型 : Electronic
Recommend Single
推薦單曲: Sad Bitch

(Arca with Björk)

        在2014年底  Arca表示他與冰島精靈碧玉籌備她的第九張錄音室專輯,並在2015年初發行 必癒療程Arca同時為作曲人以及專輯製作人(七首歌曲)。

In 2014, this talented producer said that he’ been work with Björk, and in 2015, the Iceland born singer released her ninth studio album “Vulnicura”, Arca was also as composer and producer of 7 songs from it.

Lionsong (proud. by Arca)

2015 : MUTANT

Mutant (album)

Release Date : 2015/11/27
Rating 評分:8.4
Genres 類型 : Electronic
Recommend Single

在今年1127號,Arca發行他的第二張電子專輯 ”Mutant”,臺灣由Love Da Music發行,實體專輯在各大通路皆可接受訂單制購買,而線上服務iTunes尚未發行,但在Spotify上已上架。

November 27, Arca released his second album “Mutant”.

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