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“They call me cry baby, cry baby, but I don’t fucking care.”Cry Baby, Melanie Martinez

        在第三季The Voice翻唱布蘭妮 ”Toxic”驚艷觀眾的Melanie Martinez(梅蘭妮瑪汀妮),出生於美國,除了是歌手之外也是作曲家,在今年發行她的第一張個人專輯”Cry Baby”(哭泣寶貝)

Gained her reputation from her cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears at The Voice, Melanie Martinez, American born as a singer and songwriter, released her first debut album this year “Cry Baby”.

       讓人驚豔的也包括她的嗓音及演唱方式,看似走音但其實是轉成適合她自己歌路的編曲能力不容小覷,在2014年她在網路平台發行EP “Dollhouse”

Surprised by her sweet tone and seemed off key instead turn the original melody into a particular way of her, she released her EP “Dollhouse” (2014)

Dollhouse – EP


1. Dollhouse
2. Carousel
3. Dead To Me
4. Bittersweet Tragedy
5. Dollhouse (Music Video)


“Dollhouse” became a hit of her soon, the meaning of lyrics is full of irony and points out the state of modern family.


Her second single “Carousel” is in a circus themed. And this song was featured in the TV series American Horror Story.

        由於EP的成功,她在2015年發行了她的專輯”Cry Baby”,收錄了在EP內當紅的兩首單曲”Dollhouse””Carousel”。在專輯釋出後她也上傳第一首單曲”Pity Party”的音樂錄影帶。

Following the success of her EP “Dollhouse”, she released her first LP “Cry Baby” in 2015, and featured the hit singles “Dollhouse” and “Carousel”. After the release of album, she uploaded her music video of “Pity Party” on her official Youtube page.

        但在這張專輯裡,非常推薦第一首 ”Cry Baby”除了音軌的處理之外,一如往常地歌詞敘述著一段遭背叛的感情,以下為 哭泣寶貝的錄音室以及現場表演版本。

But in this album “Cry Baby”, Review Reviews recommend the title track “Cry Baby”, it describes a relationship of lover’s betrayal, “You seem to replace your brain with your heart” she sings, and here’s her amazing studio and live version.

        由於Melanie本身是攝影師的緣故,她的音樂錄影帶當然也不假他人之手,她的風格深深讓社群網站Tumblr著迷,而她也被譽為下一世代的Lana Del Rey

Based on her photographer background, her music videos are directed by Melanie, and her grunge style with dark themed connects her to Lana Del Rey.


“Cry Baby” CD released in Taiwan on 11/06.

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