Daily Artist : Nightmare Boy / 每日歌手 : 夢魘男孩


        前身來自於蘇格蘭搖滾名謠樂團KassidyNightmare Boy,本名Barrie-James O’ NeillBarrie常上新聞版面的原因,是因為他是復古女伶Lana Del Rey的前男友,以前所屬的樂團曾在2013Lana的天堂巡迴演唱會(Paradise Tour)擔任開場嘉賓,兩人因而結識,兩人的音樂風格相近,在同年巡演合作結束Lana在個人Youtube頁面上傳翻唱Nancy Sinatra的經典曲 “Summer Wine”

From a Scottish alternative folk rock band, Kassidy, Barrie-James O’ Neill is known as Nightmare Boy and Lana Del Rey’s ex-boyfriend. They met each other when Kassidy toured along with Lana Del Rey for her Paradise concerts (2013). In the Same Year, Lana uploaded a cover with Barrie of Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine”.

        在2014Barrie以藝名Nightmare Boy在數位平台發行”Mary”(單曲),而只有在歐洲地區以雙單曲形式發行”Mary”以及” PAR^NOID”

In 2014, Barrie released his first single “Mary” on iTunes and Spotify, only released another single ” PAR^NOID” along with “Mary” in Europe region.

Lana left a comment under "Mary".

     2015年夢魘男孩發行第一張EP,包含了五首單曲,首支單曲的音樂錄影帶與知名音樂媒體Pitchfork合作 “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow”

In 2015, “Hate” (EP) came out, along with 4 songs including “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow”, “Darlin (I’m Fine)”, “Pretending Not to Breathe”, and “Dragonfly”. The music video of lead single “Chivalry Is Alive And Well And Living In Glasgow” collaborated with media Pitchfork.


He also uploads the unreleased songs on Youtube page, with videos directed by himself.

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