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(DIIV lead vocal Cole Smith with Pitchfork)
        來自紐約的搖滾樂團DIIV2011年組團,成員包括Zachary Cole Smith(主唱兼吉他手), Andrew Bailey(吉他手), Devin Ruben Perez(貝斯手), Colin Caulfield(鍵盤與吉他手) 以及 Ben Newman(鼓手)
        在被Captured Tracks簽下後,第二年便發行第一張專輯’Oshin’DIIV,他們清新的另類音樂正如同他們團名一樣來自海洋的聲音。

From Brooklyn, New York, DIIV is an American rock band that formed in 2011. The band consists of Zachary Cole Smith(vocals, guitar), Andrew Bailey(guitar), Devin Ruben Perez(bass), Colin Caulfield(keyboards, guitar) and Ben Newman(drums).

In 2012, their first debut album ‘Oshin’ came out, with their fresh band waves, DIIV’s music is surrounded by drum beats from the DIVE.

        第一張專輯受到krautrock、樂團C86Nirvana以及世界音樂的影響,背景樂器比重較大,但這也同時顯現出DIIV特色,在單曲”How Long Have You Known?”中當中只有同一句歌詞“How long have you known? How long has it shown? Forever, if ever, forever.”

First album was influenced by krautrock, C86 bands, Nirvana and world music. With the music video of single “How Long Have You Known”, same lyrics repeated “How long have you known? How long has it shown? Forever, if ever, forever.”, made this song in bright themed with back ground instrumental.

         今年推出的全新大碟 ‘Is the Is Are’,第一首單曲為”Dopamine”,以下為現場演出的片段:

With their new album ‘Is the Is Are’ arriving 2016, “Dopamine” is a lead single from it. Here’s the live version of “Dopamine”.


In Taiwan, ‘Is the Is Are’ physical album only available on Books.com and stream services.
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