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擁有倫敦背景的Anthoney J Hart以混音電子發展出兩種個性的Imaginary ForcesBasic Rhythm。二月初他的新專輯’Raw Trax’發行於唱片公司Type,同時數位以及黑膠發行。

('Raw Trax' LP cover art, photography by artist himself)


為何會將自己分化成兩種個性的音樂身分? 它們與你的作品之間有哪些關聯嗎?

Imaginary Forces來說,它的時間相對來說較長而且一直以來都是在做嚴肅的作品,所以這次我想做一些比較輕鬆而且帶有舞池風格的電子樂。

你曾介紹過Basic Rhythm的背景更接近於你早年在非法電台當廣播員的時期,為何在’Raw Trax’上的音樂類型是寫Bass而非電子舞曲?

我不會特定定義我的音樂風格,它就代表了它自己的音樂類型。但我的確認為Basic Rhythm的氣息比較偏向電子舞曲。



我很喜歡這次專輯上的單曲”Maintain”,當中的”I gotta maintain.”是從哪位歌手的單曲上取材呢?特別挑選這句歌詞有什麼喻意嗎?

這首歌混音取材於Mobb Deep”I gotta maintain.”對於聽者會有他們自己的解釋,會有不同的詮釋。




*Detroit TechoChicago House也是電子樂中經常與黑人歌曲或是靈魂類型的藍調音樂作融合的音樂類型。


在這次的專輯上的確有幾位歌手影響我,如Alex ReecePotential Bad BoyMobb Deep等,或是音樂廠牌Her的歌手,但最主要的是來自我早年的經驗。

在發行’Raw Trax’之後,會進行任何演出或是巡迴嗎?

今年我還有為Electronic Explorations做混音帶,以及在Rabits 唱片公司發行黑膠。接下來我有可能將在日本演出。


我最近正在進行下一張Imaginary Forces的專輯,而第二張以Basic Rhythm為名出的專輯將在下半年發行。


London-based electronic musician, Anthoney J Hart has two stage name as Imaginary Forces and as Basic Rhythm. His new LP ‘Raw Trax’ is arriving on Feb. 5 via Type Recording.

('Raw Trax' LP cover art, photography by artist himself)

Reading our exclusive interview below :
Why you split yourself as Imaginary Force and Basic Rhythm? Does it has any connection between you and your work?

I have been making music as Imaginary Forces for a lot longer and that project has become a lot darker and serious in tone over time, so I decided I wanted to make something that was a bit more fun and more for the dance floor.

You've said that Basic Rhythm is more directly upon your pirate radio years, why you define your genre as Bass not Electronic dance floor?

I don't really define my music by any genre. It is what it is. However, I do think that Basic Rhythm is much more straight forward music for the dance floor.

Does this LP includes your own voice?

No. All vocals are samples from all sorts of records.

I like "Maintain" so much, what do you mean in the lyrics "I gotta maintain." ? To keep on working or it is just a state?

It is a vocal sample from a track by Mobb Deep. It is up to the listener to interpret what they think it means to them.

Can you tell us more about the concept of this LP?

The music is a mixture of my background playing Drum & Bass, Jungle and Hardcore on pirate radio stations in and around London, combined with influences from Rap, Detroit Techno, Chicago House and a lot of other music. Basically, if I hear something that I think will work in a track I will sample it.

Are there any specific artists you admire?

In relation to Basic Rhythm there are a couple of artists who have had an influence on the work. Alex Reece, Potential Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, record labels like Her Records... but the biggest influence would be my background playing on pirate radio in London.

Will you have shows or a tour after releasing ‘Raw Trax’?

This year I mix '412 - Electronic Explorations Mix' for Electronic Explorations. I also had a 12"out on Rabits label, Halcyon Veil, and a CD on Entr'acte shortly before that. I might be playing a few shows in Japan in the next couple of months.

Are you working on new project?

I am currently working on the next Imaginary Forces album. I have already finished the second Basic Rhythm album, which should be out later this year.

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