(WET / photograpger : Milan Zyrnic)

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近期被Review Reviews評選為最佳音樂WET,在上月23日於臺灣發行實體新專輯’Don’t You’,這張專輯細膩而深刻,我們與這個當代藍調樂團訪談關於這張新專輯以及製作過程中的故事,當然也沒漏掉先前在Daily Artist關注的設計美學。


這過程其實不是有趣的,當時我們已經錄製好幾首歌並想將他們發佈到我們的平台,但當時我們還沒有團名。”WET”這個名稱同時聽起來是最合適但也是最好笑的選擇。 但我想它跟我們的音樂有所關聯,在’Don’t You’這張專輯中有幾首歌是關於水的,在後製混音的過程也讓我感覺到這張專輯是在水中完成的。

‧你們的音樂錄影帶”Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”在動態影像處理以及兩個同時進行的分割畫面,這些影像上的設計有特別的意義嗎?

我們與就讀柯柏聯盟學院的朋友們一起完成這支音樂錄影帶,他們還成立了一個雜誌社為”BeautyToday”,那次的合作會如此順利我想是因為我們平時的默契以及本來就欣賞對方的作品與品味。我們在美術設計上形成共識,畫面上分割的兩個方形在後製階段我覺得它能夠傳達歌曲的情感面,在不知道對方反映的情況下,兩種矛盾的情緒。這首歌形容了當下自己知道這段感情已經停擺但卻還不想放手的心情,這是相當常見但卻與每個人連結性很強烈的歌,也是為什麼”Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”是我們最受歡迎的歌。

("Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" music video screenshots)


我們邀請Hassan Rahim來擔任美術指導以及Milan Zrnic擔任攝影師,我們對於這次我們想要呈現出來的感覺討論相當多次,也拍攝了許多照片是有關身體的。

(Photo by Milan Zyrnic)

‧新專輯’Don’t You’與去年的EP有什麼不同嗎?


‧請簡單描述新專輯’Don’t You’



目前最喜歡的單曲是”These Days”,它是當中最簡單也是誠摯的歌。






Reviewed as Best New Music, Wet’s contemporary R&B with emotional lyrics stages themselves music industry.
After their physical album released in Taiwan on Feb 23, we interviewed WET about their new album ‘Don’t You’ and stories behind the progress of this LP. If you don’t know them yet, click here for our daily artist.

Why did you name your band as WET?

There isn't a very interesting story. We were about to put some songs up on the internet and still didn't have a name. We were just hanging out with a friend and he suggested "wet". It seemed like the best name and also the dumbest name at the same time, but it just stuck. I think that it makes sense with our music, there are a lot of songs about water on the album and the production often feels like it's under water to me. 

We can see the shot of "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" music video cut in two squares, is it telling some message from you? Like, any metaphor?

We made that video with my friends from Cooper Union which is an art school In NYC, they have a magazine called "Beauty Today". I think that the reason it worked so well was that we had a good working relationship and had a lot of respect for each other's work and taste. We had partly formed our ideas about art sitting in critiques and classes together. The two squares came about in editing and I think it works well with the emotional messages in the song. It's a song about having two conflicting feelings and not knowing which one to act on. It's about the feeling of knowing that your relationship is not good or healthy but liking that person and not being able to leave. It's a very simple and common idea but it's clearly connected with people because it's definitely our most popular song. 

("Don't Wanna Be Your Girl" music video screenshots)

How do you choose the artist, designer, photographer for your singles and album cover art? They are really incredibly awesome.

We worked with Hassan Rahim on the creative direction of all the images and Milan Zrnic took the photographs. It was very collaborative, we had many conversations about what we wanted the images to do, and we did lots of photo shoots to build that body of work.

(Photo by Milan Zyrnic)

Is anything we can know about your new album “Don’t You”? Is it different from “EP” ?

We spent a lot more time on the album and I think you can hear that time in the songs. We wanted to push ourselves to include more elements (strings, live drums, harmonies, etc.) and make them work together. The EP was much more minimal and we didn't want to rely on that.

Please describe your new album “Don’t You”.

Slow and emotional.

Which track on this album you love the most?

Right now my favorite song on the album is "These Days" because it's the simplest and most earnest.

Will you have tours in Asia or shows in Taiwan this year after your new album released?

We hope so!!!

Do you have any message that you want to tell the fans in Taiwan?

We would love to come play music for you and eat Taiwanese food!

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