Lady Gaga "Angel Down"


        今年對於美國來說是個重大的一年,正值總統大選之際,美國內部也正面對一個強大的問題:警察執法暴力。對於這個詞彙現在的對象偏向於黑人種族對於白人警察的憤怒,而這股怒氣也從一般人民吹向音樂圈,碧昂絲在今年釋出歌曲”Formation”為了表示對於警察執法事件的看法,如果”Formation”是一首帶有強烈訊息的歌曲,那Lady Gaga”Angel Down”則是一首表揚或慰藉將自己投身於在Black Lives Matter運動中人的歌曲。

       女神卡卡表示這首歌是為了紀念2012年的特雷沃恩 · 馬丁命案,在歌詞中明顯的提示“Shots were fired on the street, by the church where we used to meet”,正如同歌曲中所講的,天使的殞落是需要大家去搶救的。歌曲中對於當時事態的無奈(”But the people just stood around”)以及對於政府處理態度提出表示,而這也不是第一次女神卡卡對政府提出質疑,在2009Lady Gaga就曾在同志人權的遊行上大聲對歐巴馬總統政府提出「你有沒有在聽?」的演講,在”Angel Down”中卡卡則用”Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh”這句歌詞來丟出一個令人值得深思的問句,也是對於接下來總統選舉人一個強烈的暗示,種族問題是他們當前需第一解決的國家議題。

    This year, USA is facing a real problem of police violence, not only the people are mad about this, as we can hear the music industry focuses on this, from Beyonce to Lady Gaga. If “Formation” is a strong message to the government, then Lady Gaga’s “Angel Down” is a song of honoring those people who devoting themselves in black lives matter movement.

    Lady Gaga revealed this song is about the shooting of Trayvon Martin, got some clues from the lyrics “Shots were fired on the street, by the church where we used to meet”, the songwriter thinks Trayvon as an angel and try to raise attention of those who were shot by police are angels in their minds. It is not the first time Gaga shouts out to the government about public issues, in 2009, Lady Gaga attended to  National Equality March Rally and gave speeches about gay rights while screaming to the president Barack Obama “Are you listening?” 
Just like the beginning of Pink’s “Dear Mr. President”, Gaga sings “I'm a believer, it's chaos. Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh” to give Obama or the next US president candidates a clear and strong imply that they have to solve this problem in the future.

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