Solange "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes in the sky"


(Screenshot from her music video "Cranes in the Sky")

  Solange 在九月30日發行新專輯'A Seat at the Table',第一首收錄的"Rise"的靈感來源來自於警方的不當執法,與碧昂絲'Lemonade'不同的是,Solange的平實嗓音,不急不徐的道出歌曲真諦力量更勝於碧昂絲,而她也同時公布兩首單曲的音樂錄影帶"Cranes in the Sky"以及"Don't Touch My Hair",這兩首歌也被選為最佳音樂以及最佳音樂錄影帶。

  "Don't Touch My Hair"這首與歌手Sampha合作(他也曾與Drake以及SBTRKT合作),這首單曲將自己的頭髮視為象徵物,也代表著她對於自己的自信與種族的深愛,頭髮只是一個媒介來提醒世人別輕易踏過那條界線。

獨自一人對人類來說都相當困難,但Solange在"Cranes in the Sky"完美詮釋了如何面對孤獨,音樂錄影帶中她獨自坐在好幾個遠景鏡頭的風景中,帶著自信唱出她嘗試過的逃避孤獨的辦法(刷爆卡、購物、喝酒等)會讓人心有戚戚焉的歌詞。

Solange released her new album "A Seat at the table"on Sep. 30 with first track "Rise" which was inspire by the police killings. This album is soft but empowered with her speaking. She released two music video of track 4 and 8 "Cranes in the Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair". And those two track are named as Best New Track and Best New Music Video by Review Reviews.

"Don't Touch My Hair" with collaboration singer Sampha (which also appers in Drake and SBTRKT's album), the first line of this song "Don't touch my hair" by slowly and also strong voice to represent herself as her iconic hair style. Speaking her own voice just her own hair, and don't touch it but listen to it carefully. Sampha's appear make this track more mysterious but fun.
In the music video,  Solange appears in a group of dancers with powerful message from images and moves. The collaborator is also in this music video and dancing with Knowles. Watch the video below.

It is hard to being alone, but Solange did it with songs that comfort our lonely hearts. In the music video of "Cranes in the Sky", Solange sit alone in several scenes and lip-syncing with confidence, telling people that can be proud when we're alone like cranes in sky. Watch it below.

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