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Lykke Li(莉琦李),這位瑞典歌手不只因為她的音樂著名,同時也因為她是一名模特兒。音域寬廣的她不僅音質高亢穿透力強,在專輯內的音軌同時也包含了許多樂器,如非洲鼓、小提琴、混音器、鈴鼓、小號,薩克斯風和大提琴,這也讓她的音樂充滿了民族氣氛,而她的音樂背景不只來自於她的天分,也是因為她的父親是搖滾樂團Dag Vag的成員。
先前提到的暮光之城 :新月,電影團隊在電影籌備期間便一直極力邀請她寫歌,直到她看完首映之後,她才勉強在第二集加入這項計畫。

The Swedish singer, Lykke Li, known for her indie pop music but also her face appearing in fashion industry. She possesses the vocal range of a soprano, and her band plays including African drums, violins, synthesisers, tambourines, trumpets, saxophones, and cello. Her father is a member of punk rock band named Dag Vag.
Her songs are used as soundtrack in lots of TV Series, such as Hawaii five-O, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf ,etc. She also writes songs for films, like “The Twilight Saga : New Moon” (“Possibility”) and “The Fault in Our Stars” (“No One Ever Loved”), contributes in movie soundtrack, worth of mention like Rust and Bone (directed by Jacques Audiard) and Blue is the Warmest Colour (directed by Abdellatif Kechiche).
Mention of The Twilight Saga soundtrack, Li had been asked to write a song to the film soundtrack, after she saw the first screening of it, she was reluctant to commit to the project.

Youth Novles

Lykke Li在前幾年的訪談當中,曾表示第一張專輯’Youth Novels’是自己最討厭的一張,

“I cannot stand my first album. It is so bad. I sucked.” (我無法忍受我的第一張專輯,它真的很糟。)

雖然歌手本人這樣表示,但卻在當年樂評網上以新秀的身分登上許多次的最佳專輯,如:PitchforkNMEThe Times。也在家鄉瑞典的專輯榜上得到第三名的席次,關於第一張專輯,對Lykke Li來說是最奔放,也像叫來說較陽光的一張專輯,當時的現場表演一致得到好評,除了聲音的平穩度,最主要的是專輯氛圍的渲染力十分充足。

After Li released her last album ‘I Never Learn’, she said that she hates her first album ‘Youth Novles’.
“I can’t stand my first album. It is so bad, I sucked.” The “Gunshot” singer said.
Though the artist don’t like her own album but the media and fans loves it, it was selected as Best album of 2008 by Ptchfork, NME and The Times.

‘Youth Novels’ is a wild and fresh album for Lykke herself but also a lovely and sick-beated album to fans, like “Let it fall” or “Dance, Dance, Dance”.

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