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        現代版的公主,AURORA(奧羅拉),在2012年以本名在iTunes上上架了自己的第一首單曲 ”Puppet”,以清澈與高亢無辜的嗓音擄獲唱片公司的青睞,而第二首單曲 ”Awakening”就是在唱片公司名下發行,下面的影片為她第一次的電視演出 ”Awakening”.

Princess alive, this teen singer, Aurora, made her first single “Puppet” available on iTunes with her birth name Aurora Aksnes in 2012, followed by her second single “Awakening” under her former recording label Coco &co. Video below is her first TV live performance of “Awakening”.

        但出乎意料之外的是,這個小女孩的音樂曲風居然是電子樂,她的”Under Stars”在同一年釋出,並與環球唱片簽約。

But surprisingly, this young girl’s music genre type is electro-pop, and her next single “Under Stars” released in the same year.

         她還曾翻唱過麥莉希拉的 ”Wrecking Ball”

And she also covered “Wrecking Ball” by the “We Can’t Stop” singer, Miley Cyrus.

        在2015年她發行她第一張EP “Running with the Wolves”,以及第一首歌便是 ”Runaway”

This year, she released her first EP “Running with the Wolves” with “Runaway” as her lead single,

(Music Video screen captures)
“Scary, Humming, Beautiful”Review Reviews

第二支音樂錄影帶”Running with the Wolves”6月釋出,一如往常地令人驚豔,奧羅拉自己形容她的音樂錄影帶為殘酷的童話。

And the music video of same titled single “Running with the Wolves” came out at June, as usual, STUNNING.

(Music video screen capture)

        她還為了聖誕節廣告翻唱了綠洲合唱團的”Half the World Away”(但音樂錄影帶完全不聖誕節)(但一樣美)

After her first Ep, she recorded a cover of the Oasis single “Half the World Away” for an advertisement.


*UPDATE* (12/11)

奧羅拉在今天宣布明年三月11日將會釋出全新專輯 "All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend"

Aurora officially announced her new debut album "All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend" will be released on March 11, 2016.


在iTunes上預購此張專輯,馬上下載 "Runaway", "Running with the Wolves" 和 "Half the World Away"。

Preorder "All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend" on iTunes, get 3 songs from this album immediately.

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