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     2015年度值得關注的歌手Lawrence Taylor,這個新聲音完全不同於其他流行樂(唱片公司把他定為Pop Music)
          他說自己沒有一刻不聽音樂,他從11歲開始學吉他,他的歌曲曾被Tom Ford相中,在今年他也在iTunesSpotify上架他的第一張EP “Bang Bang”,第一首便是同名單曲 ”Bang Bang”

Artist to watch of 2015, Lawrence Taylor, this new alternative sound refresh our mind in this pop music industry. “I was born with headphones on.” He Said. This talented singer started learn guitar from his father at 11. His music featured Tom Ford, in 2015, he released his first EP called “Bang Bang”, with his title track “Bang Bang”.

        與同類型的歌手比較,他的音樂比James Bay(詹姆斯貝)更純淨,他的音樂少了很多重低音與鼓的伴奏,讓吉他與他的歌聲更為融合。在他的EP上架之後,他很快地以第二單曲 ”Chains”擠進英國iTunes排行榜,他的嗓子雖然充滿顆粒,但在高音與轉音上卻是非常流暢。

Different from singers of the same genre type, such as James Bay, his music is more pure than the former with less bassline and drums. After his first Ep came out this Oct, he gained his reputation with his second single “Chains”, his voice with a bit crack and ache tune gets him on the chart of UK iTunes. Watch his live performance “Chains” below.

        在他的第三首歌 “Waiting For Love”,可以看到他的吉他底子相當深厚,這位生於英格蘭的歌手深受Bob DylanNeil Young的影響,歌曲充滿濃厚的英式風格,不失搖滾但卻更親近小眾流行樂,在Ep發行後他表示將會開始他自己的巡迴演出。

We can know his skills of guitar clearly *WELL* with his third record “Waiting For Your Love”, this Birmingham born singer influenced by Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and he will start his own tour very soon.

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