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        這對英式雙人合唱團體,Seafret(波瀾[暫譯]),因為單曲”Oceans”(海洋)而受到注意,不只因為他們的柔軟滄桑的嗓音,也是因為音樂錄影帶請來權力的遊戲的史塔克家族么女演員Maisie Williams演出這首在同名EP中的單曲”Oceans”

This UK duo, Seafret, caught attention on the internet with their single “Oceans”, not only because their comfort-sound voice but also the music video, internet-breaking with the face of Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark), starring their song called “Oceans” in the same titled EP.

(Due to Vevo credits, this is their live performance.)

        他們在2014發行了第一張EP ”Give Me Something”,同名單曲敘述著一段感情的結束,就像一條沒有盡頭的路,但我們仍期盼著對方的心情。

They released their first Ep “Give Me Something” in 2014, the title track describes the end of a relationship, like a road with no name, no directions to go when we are still in the broken-hearted state but still want our ex-lover give us something.


In May 2015, Seafret released their single “Atlantis”, so did the music video. This extraordinary music video inspired by a famous picture book by Maurice Sendak but also a movie directed by Spike Jones called “Where the Wild Things Are”.
Click here for the music video

(Music Video screen capture)
        好消息是他們將在索尼音樂下發行他們第一張專輯,下面的照片是他們專輯”Tell Me It’s Real”中的第八首曲目”Be There”,這支音樂錄影帶描述了有關不同形式的愛情:有家人、情人與朋友。(當中還有疑似描述同志的片段)

Good news for us, they are going to release their debut album under the label Sony Music, and the picture below is their single “Be There” from the album “Tell Me It’s Real” as 8 on the tracklist. This music video has some issues on love between family, couples, and friends. (Also includes LGBT issue.)

(Music Video screen capture)
This album will be released on Jan. 29, 2016.

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