Tame Impala with Rihanna's Cover on her new album "ANTI"


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       昨天剛釋出新專輯ANTI的蕾哈娜,讓人驚訝的是新輯內收錄了翻唱樂團Tame Impala“New Person, Same Old Mistakes”,根據NME最新的採訪,樂團的經紀公司對此回應了這次的合作。

        當蕾哈娜的唱片公司透過我們的唱片公司Spinning Top表示她喜歡我們這首單曲並且想要將翻唱版本收錄進她的新專輯,我們非常喜愛最終出來的版本!

        蕾哈娜的新專輯當中不只”Same Ol’ Mistakes”與其他音樂人致敬,如與Drake合作的單曲”Work”當中就包含了修改1985年由Alexander O’Neal演唱的”If You Were HereTonight”。抒情歌曲”Never Ending”也包含了歌手Dido”Thank You”編曲的修改。今天最新被Pitchfork評為最佳單曲”Higher”也採用了The Soulful Strings ”Beside You”的樂器伴奏。


Rihanna’s album “ANTI” was arriving yesterday, and surprisingly, it features a cover of alternative band Tame Impala, “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” from their 2015 album Currents. According to NME, Tame Impala’s management gave a brief statement with her cover.

The Roc Nation team got in touch with us here at Spinning Top letting us know that Rihanna loved the Tame Impala track 'New Person, Same Old Mistakes'. They asked if she could cover the song for her new record. Kevin was more than happy to send it her way. We’re all really happy with how the song turned out, love it!

ANTI pays lots of tributes to other artists, on track 5 “Work” features Drake, contains an interpolation of “If YouWere Here Tonight” (1985) written by Monte Moir. And “New Ending” interpolated the composition “Thank You” from Dido. Best new track named by Pitchfork “Higher”, contains elements from The Soulful Strings “Beside You”.

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